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Author's note:
     Young writers often ask me, "How do you get published?" My one-word answer: Persistence. During my fifty years of writing, I have received over 600 rejection slips. Know what you want to say. Polish your craft so that you say it well. Study the market books to find outlets that are interested in what you have to say. Make sure your manuscript looks professional. Send it out. Send it out again. Put a sign above your desk, "Send it out again." Do it.

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Songs in Solitude Lone Wolf Suite The Demise Of The Goodhearted Woman
Songs in Solitude CD cover The Demise Of The Goodhearted Woman



Writing Down to Silence book cover

Writing Down to Silence

Writing Down to Silence back cover




Caregiver's Choice

Caregiver's Choice

The Caregiver's Choice offers solid, uplifting advice presented
in a compelling way as it presents the simple truths caregivers
need to focus on in order to maintain a peaceful life despite the
burden of caring for a loved one who cannot care for themselves.

Elaine Long has been there-not once, but twice-and shares her
personal experiences as a caregiver both to her mother and
husband. Long infuses home-grown wisdom with an empathetic
approach as she covers the broad mental and physical issues of
caregiving such as learning to forgive family members, avoiding
unfounded optimism, and battling gloom. Long includes the
techniques and philosophies that provide caregivers internal
strength and coping skills as they face common challenges.

- Caregiver's Choice Blog


Bear Ridge

Bear Ridge
¤ Hardcover University of New Mexico Press - 2006

Bittersweet Country **
¤ Hardcover St. Martin's Press,
N.Y. - 1991
¤ Paperback St. Martin's Press,
N.Y. - 1993
¤ Large print Thorndike Press
- G.K. Hall, June 1999

Bittersweet Country

Jenny's Mountain

Jenny's Mountain **
¤ Hardcover, St. Martin's Press N.Y. - 1987
¤ Readers Digest Condensed Books - USA and Canada 1988
¤ Paperback, Ballantine Books - 1989
¤ Readers Digest Condensed Books - Australia 1989
¤ Readers Digest Condensed Books - Finland 1990
¤ Readers Digest Condensed Books - Norway 1990
¤ Readers Digest Condensed Books - Sweden 1991
¤ Hardcover, Robert Hale - England 1994
¤ Readers Digest Condensed Books - England 1994
¤ Large print F.A. Thorpe - England 1996
¤ Large print Thorndike Press - G.K. Hall, March 1998


Behind the Badge

Behind the Badge
Author: Silvia Pettem,
The Book Lode - 2003

Separate Lives:
The story of Mary Ripppon **

Author: Silvia Pettem,
The Book Lode, March 1999
Awarded "Best Self-published Book" in Writer's Digest national competition, spring 2000

Seperate Lives



"Letters to the Stove"
Westward, Forge - 2003 **

"The Violinist's Story",
Hot Biscuits **
University of New Mexico Press - 2002

Hot Biscuits


"When the First Snow Flies" Today's Christian Woman, Sept./Oct. 1986 **

"The Practical and the Promise" 1986 Selections - Crosscurrents, A Quarterly, winter 1981-82

"Kate's Blond Rival" Green's Magazine, spring 1984 **

"The Lost Umbrella" Crosscurrents, A Quarterly, 1986

"An Hour All Her Own" Green's Magazine, winter 1982

"Those Final Words" Wascana Review, fall 1982

"Dr. Icarus" Green's Magazine, spring 1975

"Daughter Turn From Me" Gospel Carrier, winter 1975

Seven Stories in the War Cry from 1969 to 1976

"Mary's Stepdad" Primary Treasure, May 1973 (Reprinted in 1984)

"They'd Banish Us You Know" Folio, Spring 1973 **

"Cry for More Light" The Christian, January 1973

"I'll Buy Maggie's Paintbrush" Hearthstone, January 1972

"Debts and Choices" Gospel Carrier, 1972

"The Quiet People and the Good" Light and Life Evangel, May 1971

"Wild Card Friday" Folio, fall 1970

"Double Vision" Hearthstone, October 1970

"Talking to Grandma" Standard, July 1970

"The Power of A Gun" Standard, April 1970

"A Good Woman is Hard to Find" Presbyterian Survey February 1970

"Growing Pains" Light and Life Evangel, September 1969

"A Time to Fight" The Christian Adventurer, June 1969

"Dark Stone" Presbyterian Survey, May 1969

"Only the Beginning" The Christian Home, April 1969

"Sauce for the Goose" The Christian, December 1968

"Repossessed" The Christian, February 1966


"How to Serve as A Spur Judge" Roundup Magazine, December 1999

"Six Questions to Ask Before You Start" Writer's Digest, March 1997

Excerpt from Bittersweet Country, in cookbook, Buckskin, Bullets, And Beans, Northland Publishing, 1997

"A Canner's Dream" Organic Gardening, August 1987

"A Jarring Story" Ruralite, summer 1985

"A Rockhound's Fireplace" Gems and Minerals, June 1984

"Take Along a Library" Motorhome, April 1983

"The Old Lady Next Door" re-print, The News (Gryphon House), summer 1982

"Sarge and the Wicked Stepmother" re-print of humorous article, Dog Fancy, June 1981

"Ask Permission" Rock and Gem, July 1981

"The Old Lady Next Door" - columns - Knowing and Growing, (Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec) 1981

"A Valiant Lady Remembered" Focus Magazine, January 1981 **

"Garage Gourmets" - humorous article - Ford Times, June 1979

"Lost with a Compass in my Hand" The War Cry, January 1978

"Sarge and the Wicked Stepmother" - humorous article - Empire Magazine, January 1971

"Mary's Surprise Box" The Lookout, April 1970

"How to Write Your Love a Letter" U.S. Lady, April 1967

"How to Make Your Husband Want to Come Home", St. Anthony's Messenger, February 1967

"That We Feeling" The NEA Journal, 1958

** Have won award(s)

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